Washing dirty tea towels is NOT your job

Outsource the task nobody in the office wants to do!

Tea Towel Express

Clean, Fresh Tea Towels Every Day.

Get great quality, clean tea towels delivered into your kitchen on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Rid yourself and your staff of the unpleasant task of taking dirty ‘office’ tea towels home to wash.

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Eliminate The Task That Nobody Wants to Do!

Most offices with kitchens go through lots of tea towels.  Often, nobody has been assigned the responsibility of washing them. Instead, they get dirty and start piling up.  Once they are dirty, the dishes stop getting done and begin to pile up leaving the kitchen in a mess! Everyone just ignores it until FINALLY one person gets so fed up that they take the tea towels home to launder.

Staff members should not be burdened with this extra task in order to enjoy clean tea towels.  Eventually over time this seemingly small task creates frustration, anger and conflict amongst staff which in turn provides an impediment to morale and productivity!

Here at Tea Towel Express we offer you a simple and affordable solution to keep everyone happy!

Have fresh tea towels at your disposal

Imagine the calm feeling of walking into the kitchen area and finding everything in its place and nothing lying around waiting to be put away. Having fresh tea towels at your disposal keeps your kitchen clean and hygienic.

We take the unpleasant job of washing tea towels that your Manager, Secretary or PA despises and give them time back to focus on more important tasks. It is simple to get started and we cater for all sized businesses. Get a quote today!

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How does Tea Towel Express work?

Our aim at Tea Towel Express is to make your life easier! Just follow our simple process:

Step 1: Get A Quote

Simply fill in our quick online form or give us a call and answer a few simple questions. We will then provide you with a comprehensive quote to provide clean tea towels on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Step 2: Tea Towels Delivered

Once you accept our quote we will deliver your clean, fresh tea towels within a few days. We can deliver into your kitchen area if you choose! Each week or fortnight we collect the dirty tea towels and replace them with fresh ones.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Clean Kitchen

A constant supply of clean tea towels at your disposal will ensure that your staff can focus on the things that really matter.

Say goodbye to dirty tea towels & get started today

When you engage our services, we promise that your office will have clean, fresh tea towels every day. They will be delivered to you by our professional and friendly staff on a regular schedule.  Let US take care of one of the mundane jobs in your day so you can focus on the important work.  Give us a try! Simply request a quote to start the process!

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The Tea Towel Express guarantee

Clean & Fresh

We have very strict quality control and guarantee you will never get a tea towel that is stained or threadbare.

No Lock-In Contracts

Our service is flexible and there are no lock in contracts. You are free to cancel at any time with just a couple of weeks notice.

Reliable Delivery

Your tea towels will be delivered consistently on time by a driver who is nicely presented, well-mannered and cheerful.

Helpful Support

Your experience with Tea Towel Express is guaranteed to be a positive one. We are a family run business and we pride ourselves on our knowledge, efficiency and reliability.

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